One moment. A billion responses.

We’ve all heard the speech. We knew it was big. But just how big?

4 months ago, Emma Watson’s speech as part of the HeForShe campaign affected billions of people worldwide. Her honesty and candour touched the hearts of those who listened. This is the response she received.


The bitch that never was…

I was fourteen when I first read Stephen King’s ‘Dolores Claiborne’.

I believe every child has a hero – whose not real. A completely fictional character that they wish they could will into existence.

I’ve probably had many of those, and one is definitely Vera Donovan from ‘Dolores Claiborne’, who at first appears to be your archetypal lady of the manor. Dolores works for Vera and through the years an unlikely friendship forms between the two. This is cemented by Vera’s concern for Dolores’ troubled marriage and for her daughter, Selena.

We soon come to realise that Vera’s character is much more complex than what it first appears. She is charming, pitiful, ruthless, gracious, desperate, humorous, lonely, charismatic, hard-to-please and a self designated ‘bitch’.

As Selena claims, the story is really about two women ‘who loved each other’ and somehow their relationship manages to touch your heart in a way that you never knew was possible.

Recently I discovered that a film was made, based on this book.

I had cried and laughed reading it, and after many years I was able to cry and laugh some more as I watched Vera come to life – almost exactly as I’d imagined her.


Feminism – is YOUR issue

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while, and now that I’ve finally got around to it – I really want to let the video speak for itself!

Emma’s speech was so so eloquently delivered that it managed to capture the heart of feminism – something that many other advocates have failed to do. By including men in her discussion she defied the commonly held belief of feminism being a ‘women’s issue’ and gave it the recognition it deserves.

I wholeheartedly agree with Emma on this one. Feminism started out as a women’s movement to minimise the very obvious gender inequalities present in eras long gone (i.e voting/land rights). Now the differences are less obvious between the genders, and issues affecting men are just as pervasive in society.

We need to address ALL these issues if we want to see any real change.


To save a life – A story of gay bashing

I implore you to watch this and listen carefully to its message. We live in a world that is steeped so deep in specifics – simplified logic and invested emotion alike overrule simple, genuine care we should be harbouring for one another.

The world is not simple. I know. But this is one instance where it should be, and could well be. If we could only see that underneath the veil of specifics (colour, orientation, occupation, religion, hobbies, gender etc.) we are all driven by the same needs. How much happier would the world be if we just accepted and cared for one another?

How much hurt could be spared?

How many lives could be saved?

By our actions, words and support we can put a stop to bullying and perhaps even save a life.



The miller’s daughter


She was gifted brushes and acrylic for her birthday along with a canvas to bring her creations to life. She carefully put them under her bed and waited for a rainy day. 

But the girl down the road, that miller’s daughter – she’d keep some soot from the evening fire, collect gum from the tree and clay from the Earth as she ran errands. She’d stay awake with her candle lit lamp and grind the colours well into the night. Her fingers moved with her thoughts. Her colours, vivid and inconsistent. Her strokes practised yet true. Her art – the epitome of passion.

Some are born into opportunity and wealth, but most of us must create it for ourselves.

Whatever it is that you wish for in life, do not be afraid to chase it.



An eye-opener!

This viral video by ‘Always’ has been watched over 20 million times to date and the message it sends it just inspiring.

Through their commitment to feminine health and education, they help girls around the world defy stereotypes and overcome labels to achieve their full potential. This video really strikes a chord in all of us and shows how damaging or empowering words can be to the way we perceive ourselves.

I hope this inspires you too!




Sometimes it ends in murder…

This could be you or someone you know.

Falling in love is often inevitable. A desire to get married and settle down is something many of us want, but not all of us are so lucky in who we end up with. And many of us can’t see an abusive relationship for what it is through the rosy tinted lens of ‘love’.

40% of women killed worldwide are the result of murder by an intimate partner.

It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of survivors, yet it gives us hope for the future. The strength of these women are just inspiring.


The World’s Most Beautiful Woman

‘You are the one that decides what defines you’.

– Lizzie Velasquez.

This particular TED talk touched me in a very personal way. So I decided to share it and hopefully bring a sense of comfort to someone else who is grappling this often cruel world.

The reason it stayed with me is because I too was often labelled ‘skinny’ and people would ask me if I ‘even eat’.

This to me, was an insult.

I ate three meals (and often more) a day and was very athletic. I never skipped breakfast and was an advocate for healthy eating in life and as part of my secondary school’s sports committee. We even hosted ‘Active Girls’ breakfast’ events to promote healthy living.

Furthermore, my ‘skinniness’ lessened as I grew older and I realised that something I had been so insecure about was just a part of growing up. I was a skinny child as most children were and as I approached adolescence my body did change. But what I learnt about the world stayed with me. I knew now how it felt to be judged for something that is beyond your control.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with admiring and appreciating a person’s physical beauty, but when we start denigrating others based on how they look, something that is beyond their control, it truly does show the darker side of human nature.

Lizzie’s TED talk, although indirectly, sheds light on the way humans have begun to perceive the world. Most young people are obsessed with looks. They would go under the knife to get the physical appearance they feel they need to have to succeed in today’s world. Why? Because the world rewards beauty now more than ever before.

Our so called ‘progressive’ society, certainly has progressed in terms of taking bullying to whole new levels and failing to instil in children the sense of self worth they should have from things other than appearance.

I find Lizzie’s talk so inspiring because she touches on all these issues just through telling us her own story. She offers hope, and shows us that through our courage and strength we can define ourselves and not let the world decide that for us.

To me, this makes Lizzie one of the most beautiful people with a truly beautiful heart.