Eliminate Gender Inequality



Our aim is to make the…

         Worth of a girl = Worth of a boy 

                                      ….in the eyes of the world


Every child should have an equal beginning  – a fresh palette if you like, to paint the picture of the life they dream from the day they are born. The freedom to live, make mistakes, learn from them and grow. To emerge as self sufficient, strong individuals who are able to carry on and educate the next generation after their predecessors have moved on.

Each and every person should have the right to feel safe and free.

Right now, from third world societies to first world societies – women and girls as a whole suffer most in times of hardship; whether it be natural disasters, war, famine or poverty. This is often as a result of lack of education and therefore lack of employment and social stigma.

Equality for girls and boys really begins with education and the elimination (or modification) of cultural traditions that have negative stigma attached.

You are free to support whichever causes you feel passionately about or try to enforce ideas of gender equality in your own lives and communities.

Take care and thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂






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