Attacked by acid for ‘looking at a boy’


She turned.

It was him.

Soft eyes.

Ruffled hair.

It was quick.

A glance.

He smiled.

She looked away.

 And in a flash it was over.

The beginning of what sounds like a typical teenage summer romance novel had a very frightening ending for young ‘Anusha’. The fifteen year old girl was doused in acid by her parents for the crime of ‘looking at a boy’, who rode past on his motorcycle. The girl suffered burns to 60% of her body and was shamed for bringing ‘dishonour’ to her family.

Acid Crimes have been ongoing in some parts of the world and victims are predominantly women. It has become such a global issue not only for the implications on women’s physical health but also mental wellbeing. The facial disfigurement and subsequent shunning experienced by women render them vulnerable and voiceless in countries where women are already treated as second-class citizens.

We all remember Dana Vulin, the Perth beauty who was brutally attacked by the jealous girlfriend of a boy she met at a New Years Eve Party. The shock and outrage by the public and the sheer amount of support she received helped Dana to make a remarkable recovery, both physically and emotionally. She was such an inspiration and her story gave us so much hope.

The thousands of women who are being attacked by acid across the globe have no one to hear their voices, no supporters, no means of recovering; they are condemned to a life of shame for the crimes others have committed. Their attackers walk free.

By sharing stories like Anusha’s we can do our part in raising awareness and working towards a society where justice will always be served.



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