Why is it so hard to see black and blue?



The Salvation Army has skilfully repurposed the worldwide  ‘white and gold’ or ‘black an blue’ debate, and used it to bring a very important issue to light.

The dress which caused much confusion and light-hearted dispute across the world is now the centre of their campaign against domestic violence. If you ask me, whoever thought of this is ingenious. The poster features a woman wearing the ‘white and gold’ version of the dress with bruises on her body depicting signs of physical violence. The campaign expertly uses the popular dress to draw our attention and give us a metaphorical push back down to Earth as we realise that while we are caught up in friendly banter, women – too many-  are experiencing this right now. 

Many women make exceptions for their husbands or partners, and many are too afraid to take a stand. They worry about their children and succumb to the expectations of society. Breaking free is often harder than enduring each moment of abuse. It’s a delicate issue that must be dealt with carefully and urgently.