A deathless death – child brides

Soft cries muffled by mother’s sweet voice,

Angry tears shadowed by the crowds rejoice,

The man stands tall, so proud of his choice,

The little girl, dressed in red and turquoise.

Forced marriage of young school- aged girls is a reality around the world; across many cultures and religions.

Putting issues of economic stability and societal implications aside, the mere fact that these girls are only children should be reason enough to let them stay in school. Let them learn and play games – let them experience childhood.

These children, who are forced to pose as wives to middle aged men, really make my skin crawl. Their rightful place at school is snatched away from them. The opportunity to learn and have the freedom to choose who to marry and when to marry – stripped from them.

Aren’t these girls human just like us?

Where are their rights?

Let’s raise awareness and pray for change, so that they too can experience life the way it is meant to be experienced.