The miller’s daughter


She was gifted brushes and acrylic for her birthday along with a canvas to bring her creations to life. She carefully put them under her bed and waited for a rainy day. 

But the girl down the road, that miller’s daughter – she’d keep some soot from the evening fire, collect gum from the tree and clay from the Earth as she ran errands. She’d stay awake with her candle lit lamp and grind the colours well into the night. Her fingers moved with her thoughts. Her colours, vivid and inconsistent. Her strokes practised yet true. Her art – the epitome of passion.

Some are born into opportunity and wealth, but most of us must create it for ourselves.

Whatever it is that you wish for in life, do not be afraid to chase it.




An eye-opener!

This viral video by ‘Always’ has been watched over 20 million times to date and the message it sends it just inspiring.

Through their commitment to feminine health and education, they help girls around the world defy stereotypes and overcome labels to achieve their full potential. This video really strikes a chord in all of us and shows how damaging or empowering words can be to the way we perceive ourselves.

I hope this inspires you too!




Sometimes it ends in murder…

This could be you or someone you know.

Falling in love is often inevitable. A desire to get married and settle down is something many of us want, but not all of us are so lucky in who we end up with. And many of us can’t see an abusive relationship for what it is through the rosy tinted lens of ‘love’.

40% of women killed worldwide are the result of murder by an intimate partner.

It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of survivors, yet it gives us hope for the future. The strength of these women are just inspiring.