The First Step

Hi everyone!

Imagine for a moment that you wake up from a dream where you achieved the very thing that you had always wanted but never had the courage to follow through with. 

Now imagine how you felt at that moment, when the very thing you dreamed about was yours. The exhilaration, the sense of fulfilment. Everything you worked for is evident in the results of your success. 

This is the first step. 

If you want that feeling badly enough, then you can get it. Image

Many people have reaped the benefits of their hard work, but sadly not most. You see and hear numerous stories about people who have overcome life’s struggles and pursue what they love. The countless amount of youtubers with their ‘Draw my Life’ videos have often suffered setbacks that have led them to re-evaluate themselves and ultimately led them  to success. It did not just happen, they worked hard and made a positive change in their life, but most importantly – a change in their attitude.  If you ever feel like your life is pointless or that there is something greater out there; something that really excites you, then listen to your heart. Take control.

There is nothing more devastating than a lost opportunity. I know it is easier said than done, I know that many aspirations have great costs associated with them – whether they be financial or the involvement of copious amounts of hard work. But to be able to pursue such dreams despite these burdens is a signal that you are committed. And if you are committed enough, and you have the will to achieve – then nothing is impossible. 

So go chase your dreams!