The 3 Deadliest Words… It’s a Girl

“50 million girls are missing in the world today – that is more than the deaths of World War I and World War II combined”

There are many organizations and campaigns aiming to reduce and ultimately eliminate the practice of gendercide, but they cannot do it alone.

They need your support – whether it is financial aid or simply becoming a volunteer and giving up some of your time to bring an end to a world that is giving up it’s girls.

But most importantly, make it a point to assert your own rights, do not let men have power over you and do not follow traditions that are demeaning to girls.

If you are a man reading this, stand up for your female friends, your sisters, your mother and your wife. Do not let them feel the pain that gender inequality can bring.

Take care and please share this video,

Thank you ❤



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