Hear Her Voice – Asha Global


95% of the children of sex workers follow their mothers into her line of work…

These children often know nothing but the ‘cages’ that are their homes. This is the life they have always lived.

Watching other children pass by in their school uniforms each morning then coming back more learned. These glimpses leave no consolation; they belong to a place that will always be a mystery. Fathers that watch them, protect them – something unheard of.

They are drugged and left under the bed while their mother works, her soft lips are never the last thing they feel, before closing their eyes for the night, and her voice, never the last they hear.

‘Good night sweetheart.’

Their lives and ours are a world apart – this is the only way they know.

Let us pray for these children, and through our care and support, help to eradicate the cruel trade of sex slavery.



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