INSPIRATION: Superwoman | Draw my Life

This is Superwoman , a youtube sensation whose gone through some hard times. Her achievements and her ability to turn things around is just Amazing.

She proves that everyone, no matter who you are, can change your life just by believing in yourself and not giving up hope.

Enjoy 🙂



DARE to be yourself

DARE to be yourself

‘Don’t Dare To Be Different, Dare To Be Yourself – If that doesn’t make you different, then something is wrong’

– Laura Baker

Keep on Dreaming – Even if it breaks Your heart

Keep on Dreaming - Even if it breaks Your heart

The ground was wet that day, she knew it as soon as her eyes fluttered open and she felt her lashes, heavier with the moist air.

Blinking, she gently brushed the thinning blanket off her body and stood up. She was just a small silhouette framed by the doorway – held together only by the cracking mud walls.

Just nine years had just passed since her mother had lain within this very walls, in pain but silent as she had pushed Ayana into the world.

Her mother passed unheard, and it was her sister who bathed the baby and carried her away, welcoming one life in exchange for another. It was not long after, that Ayana saw her own sister lowered into the Earth. She did not cry.

She shared her home with some younger children – lost little souls who would not have even lived to see the coming of their fifth year if she hadn’t taken them in and fed them what little she had.

The seeds she planted – digging until the dry Earth gave way to a hint of moisture – rarely grew, and it was a fortunate day when a sprout could be seen. What she longed for was not the wetness deep underground which would not seep up to nourish her plants but the drops of rain that would cultivate them from above.

And today her prayers had been answered, and she looked on in disbelief at her sprouts – soaking up the drops, relishing in their relief.


Ayana’s plight is not uncommon, the strength of these children to carry on is just admirable and a testament to our abilities, as humans, to persevere through hardship, never giving up hope.


The 3 Deadliest Words… It’s a Girl

“50 million girls are missing in the world today – that is more than the deaths of World War I and World War II combined”

There are many organizations and campaigns aiming to reduce and ultimately eliminate the practice of gendercide, but they cannot do it alone.

They need your support – whether it is financial aid or simply becoming a volunteer and giving up some of your time to bring an end to a world that is giving up it’s girls.

But most importantly, make it a point to assert your own rights, do not let men have power over you and do not follow traditions that are demeaning to girls.

If you are a man reading this, stand up for your female friends, your sisters, your mother and your wife. Do not let them feel the pain that gender inequality can bring.

Take care and please share this video,

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Hear Her Voice – Asha Global

95% of the children of sex workers follow their mothers into her line of work…

These children often know nothing but the ‘cages’ that are their homes. This is the life they have always lived.

Watching other children pass by in their school uniforms each morning then coming back more learned. These glimpses leave no consolation; they belong to a place that will always be a mystery. Fathers that watch them, protect them – something unheard of.

They are drugged and left under the bed while their mother works, her soft lips are never the last thing they feel, before closing their eyes for the night, and her voice, never the last they hear.

‘Good night sweetheart.’

Their lives and ours are a world apart – this is the only way they know.

Let us pray for these children, and through our care and support, help to eradicate the cruel trade of sex slavery.