Don’t wait. Live life

Don't wait. Live life

I think the biggest mistake people make is waiting,
waiting until they are old enough,
waiting until they are rich enough,
waiting until they know for sure…
but the thing is, you never know anything for sure,

you buy tickets before the game, but until you arrive
you don’t know if you will even go – something might come
up unexpectedly, something you never planned for,
but unless you buy that ticket and keep it with you regardless,
you’ve lost even the possibility of going,
and if you wait too long, the tickets will run out

most things in life are like this, you’ve got to put something in – now I’m not talking about purchasing a ticket, you’ve got to put your whole heart and soul into something, no hesitations, no regrets.

the only thing you can do is take the plunge and go for it,
follow your heart, and live your life. Because once that final ticket is gone, it’s something you can never get back.

Life is short, you’ll never be ready,
but you’ll always be able to make that choice.
And make it before it’s too late

The only things you’ll ever regret are things you never did



Healthy Aging!

In many countries, such as the US and Australia, we have an ageing population – where the proportion of elderly people in the country is on the rise.

This is largely a result of the ‘baby boom’ after the second World War – the babies born during that time are now fast approaching/if not already reached, retirement age.

Traditionally the focus has been directed towards taking care of the elderly when they reach retirement, but now many organisations such as WHO are promoting fitness and healthy nutrition as a way of staying physically ‘young’ for those who have reached their golden years.

I know this blog has mainly focused on celebrating women, but i would like this opportunity to dedicate this post to our senior citizens, who have also traditionally experienced the throes of being unappreciated in a youth-dominated society.

May the times change! 🙂