Desert Flower – A true story about FGM

You might have heard of Waris Dirie, the model who first rose to fame after being featured in the Pirelli calendar, and has since graced the runways of Milan, London, New York etc…

It wasn’t always like this.

A young girl from Somalia who had undergone the horrific procedure of female genital mutilation (FGM). Unlike male circumcision, it has no proven health benefits, and only does harm. The extent of the harm is painfully described in Waris Dirie’s autobiography ‘Desert Flower’.

The movie, although only brushing over the FGM issue, is still definitely worthwhile watching. It is the true story of a strong willed woman, who overcomes adversity and achieves her dreams.

Hope you guys check it out!



One thought on “Desert Flower – A true story about FGM

  1. Alysandra says:

    No form of genital mutilation has health benefits – and while FGC is usually more severe, the attempts to distance it from MGC are openly harmful to both boys (assuming one cares about everyone’s rights) and girls. The arguments from severity both erase the plight of girls who suffer less invasive forms of FGC (Africa being only half of the girl-cutting world) and give FGC apologists ways to ‘improve’ on the practice with modern techniques. MGC is a cultural prerequisite for FGC. Cultures that tolerate the cutting of girls started by mandating it for males – going so far as to forcibly cut adult men. As long as anyone is being cut, it will be used as an excuse to cut girls. Regardless of intent, half-arguments against the practice of genital cutting (of all three sexes) have the opposite of their intended effect. And of course, anything patriarchy forces on anyone’s sex organs is part of some power hierarchy whether it’s men against women, women against girls, or men against boys.

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