International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day as many of us would have been aware.

With a host of events targeted at raising awareness of issues that affect women all over the globe, many would have been forced to step back and reassess the situation.We HAVE come so far, yet we the path ahead is still long, it’s still muddy, filled with puddles and looks a little slippery too. But we have come this far, and there is no way we are turning back now.

So is it worth turning a blind eye, plomping yourself onto the softness of your new beanbag cushion, and immersing yourself in that sitcom you’d never wanted to see, but might as well anyway since there’s nothing else on T.V? Plus it’s kind of addictive too. Of course most of us would shake our heads adamantly. But the reality is, you and I both would like to do just this. And who would blame us?

It’s the 21st century, an age where our hectic lives rarely allow moments we can enjoy in our own company, doing whatever we please, a moment of spare time should be cherished and treasured. We are so caught up in the intricacies of our work, our family, our lives and ourselves that we don’t have the time to think of others.

To those of you who do not believe in birthdays, Valentine’s day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc, International Women’s Day would also seem a meager, superficial attempt at acknowledging something that should be acknowledged and appreciated everyday, not just once a year. But the significance of these days is what you make it. Rather than treating a woman differently on this particular day compared to other days, make a commitment or support a cause that will change how women are treated from here on in.

And just to reaffirm the equality aspect of feminism and to enlighten the hearts of men who probably feel a bit neglected, there is such a thing as International Men’s Day too. Celebrated on November 19th, in Australia anyway.



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