Dust to Flames


I’m a 21 year old girl living in Australia.

You might call me a dreamer, maybe that’s what I am.

Small things tend to affect me, but I usually never give up.

Sometimes it takes something big to know what you’re truly capable of.

I am passionate about women’s rights. I consider myself a Feminist, though not a Feminazi.

I respect both men and women and believe we should all have equal rights.

One day I hope to make a difference in the lives of women who are suffering, unappreciated or simply not given the same rights as men in their society.

That’s a dream I have.

And dreams can come true.



2 thoughts on “Dust to Flames

  1. empathologism says:

    I generally do not comment on a young woman’s blog but something you wrote begged response. I say that because I fully subscribe to the fact that words mean things, they mean very specific things. This fact has slipped from the forefront in the last decades and it creates the willingness that folks make statements that FEEL ok, but are literally not true. I respectfully suggest you’ve done so:

    There is to date no society where women are given ALL the same rights that men are provided with as a birthright.

    You use the word “rights”. Given that it has a specific meaning the statement is absolutely false. You may argue in the margins if you use the word “privileges”. I’d agree then, but not in the way you’d like. If I was feeling conciliatory Id say the privileges differ. If I was being boldly honest I’d say women have more than men.

    If you wish to have a credible advocacy, and you wish to not be perceived a radical, you must operate within rhetorical boundaries. This is all intended constructively, not adversarial.

    • angelflame1992 says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read through this and respond. I agree with what you’ve pointed out – ‘right’ doesn’t convey the intended meaning here. What I meant to say was that women are often disadvantaged as a whole in most societies due mostly to social constraints.

      I do agree with ‘women having more ‘privileges’ (by law) than men but my primary concern is the underlying issues women face in their societies.

      Perhaps I should revise this part of my blog, it has been a while.

      Thank you for your time once again!

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